Friday, April 20, 2012

Through The Recall Election, "The Economy, Stupid" Must Be The Mantra

[originally posted, 9:00 p.m. Thursday] Yes, there are multiple themes and messages explaining Walker's political malfeasance in office, but his failed performance on job creation - - after an election where he promised 250,000 new private sector jobs in four years - - means "The Economy, Stupid," is now theme #1.

Make him own the performance.


Mike Plaisted said...


Job numbers go up and down. Look at the way they spin the early numbers this year and ignore all of last year. I know and you know that the Republicans have done nothing on job growth and have made things worse, but you can't count on numbers like this for the next couple of months, especially when they control the reporting mechanism.

The message, especially if Barrett is the nominee, is: If you knew then what you know now...I'm waiting for the ad that contrasts Walker's comments during the '10 campaign, saying nice things about bipartisanship and bargaining fairly with unions, against his comments since -- "dropping the bomb"; "bipartisanship is overrated"; etc.

This is a recall, not a re-do over unpredictable and floating job numbers.

Otherwise, Jim, keep up the good work!

Ron McCrea said...

Have it your way, but understand that it is a completely dishonest debate. No governor or mayor has the direct power to create large numbers of jobs jobs except in the public sector. The private sector is running a scam here, linking government to its own failure and refusal to create employment. The left is buying in, and I guess it must since the right has successfully framed this false debate.

I'd like to see candidates forcefully reject the idea that they are responsible for the successes and failures of the private economy. I'd rather see the debate re-framed to be about managing government and advancing the general interest, the public interest, the overall quality of life and security of all citizens, performing those functions that the private sector will not or cannot, and protecting the public from abuse.

Matt S. said...

Walker is 2.4% of the way towards his 250,000 new jobs promise. An updated graph tracking his progress can be found here:

James Rowen said...

I see it as an easy and fair way to illustrate and cut through a year+ of lying and mismanagement beginning with a campaign based on false promises and premises.

And I'm not adverse to the broader campaign against Walker, though it gets hard to tie together in a few words.