Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thumbs-Up For The Chris Christie/Scott Walker Events Next Week

!. The timing could not be better, as the Walker-Christie announcement comes on the heels of a national reminder of just how bad for the entire Northeast was the New Jersey Governor's erasure of a key Amtrak upgrade that cost the region jobs, efficient transit and cleaner air.

And wasn't it just yesterday that the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters serendipitously and synchronistically reminded us of Walker's "#railfail?"

Christie's presence in Wisconsin will give voters a chance to see two Republicans side-by-side who hurt their state's economies and misstated (ahem!) the costs they claimed as justifications for vetoing the projects.

2. And side-by-side with Christie, Walker will shrink to irrelevance. Christie has a pulse, a persona and a presence. The vacuous, monotone Walker will look like Robin in Batman's shadow.

3.  Finally, I am convinced that the Walkerites are so guilt-ridden about their reactionary policies that they keep making revealing, Freudian slips in their proofread-free official pronouncements.

* The Walker campaign provided the latest foot-in-mouth delight in its announcement of the Christie visits saying that Christie and Walker "have done more to put America back on track than anyone in a generation."

Really? "Back on track?" How many layers of irony do we want to mine?

And what about this?

This is the banner headline in Wednesday's Journal Sentinel:

State posts largest percentage job loss in U.S. over past year

* There was Wednesday's blue-ribbon malapropism by DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp, spinning away from the impact of her public criticism of the agency's mishandling of an infected deer carcass by telling her entire workforce in an email "the buck stops with me."

* And who could forget Oconomowoc Republican State Rep. Joel Kleefisch's full-salivation news release in support of a new Wisconsin wolf hunting season, emphasis added?
A hunting season will allow for reasonable control of the population, while marinating viable and sustainable pack numbers for this majestic animal.
Perhaps he meant "managing."

On the other hand, he explained his support for a new sandhill crane hunting season in Wisconsin by noting that the birds were called "the rib-eye in the sky."

So maybe he meant "marinating."


Anonymous said...

I'm loving this stuff. I'm going to think of you as the Stand-Up (Comic) Blogger. Sort of the Jeff Foxworthy of Wisconsin bloggers, saying "You know you must work for Walker if. . . ."

I think Stepp stepped in it the most, but the competition clearly is ramping by the day in their tragicomedy of errors.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

And one of the 2 states in the U.S. to lose more jobs than Wisconsin last month? New Jersey, at 8,500.

Birds of a failing anti-worker, bullying philosophy flock together, I guess.

Anonymous said...

certainly not back on train tracks. they're the laurel and hardy of anti-rail.

Anonymous said...

I find Prosser asking all the other justices to recuse themselves to be really funny. It reminds me of that gal who worked in Milwaukee County not wanting the trial there because she didn't live there like she was supposed to. They seem to be saying, "Since I am guilty, I cannot stand trial."
(I know they are really innocent until proven guilty, it is just the arguments they are using that seem so...unlikely)

enoughalready said...

I think Scott Walker is the Chuck Norris of American politics.

Btw, I recall clearly a Chris Christie appearance on CBS' "Face the Nation" in which, I believe, Gov. Christie was asked if he was going to do in New Jersey what Scott Walker had done in Wisconsin. His reply? No. He was going to (or already did?) -- get this -- negotiate to achieve the needed budget cuts, as other states had done. He might have mentioned New York and California as examples.

enoughalready said...

"What I believe in is true, adversarial collective bargaining. What I have said in New Jersey is, as long as it's fair and reasonable collective bargaining."

-- Gov. Chris Christie on Face the Nation, February 27, 2011.

Anonymous said...

Job creation is certain to be a topic of debate in the recall election. If Tom Barrett wins the primary, his campaign promises to the citizens of Milwaukee to become elected Mayor Tom Barrett will be under intense scrutiny.
In my opinion, he's made an uncalculated error, politically speaking, by exposing his own failures and Scott Walker has raised enough money to keep those issues front and center. Scott Walker has only been Governor slightly more that a year, hardly enough time to judge campaign promises.

Gareth said...

Tony Soprano wasn't available?

enoughalready said...

About jobs creation, Bruce Murphy has a great point in his latest column at Milwaukee Magazine. He writes (and I agree) that the Democrats are crazy if they don't run on the issue of Gov. Walker taking away collective bargaining rights.

Murphy did not say (but I will) that Democrats in Wisconsin could probably do worse than follow the example of Ohio, where voters in a referendum recently rejected a law supported by Gov. Kasich that would have imposed broad restrictions on public workers' bargaining rights, including of course those of teachers.