Monday, April 30, 2012

Christie Strategist Extends Streak Of GOP Word Flubs

The other day I noted the many levels of irony in the announcement by Scott Walker's campaign of the Tuesday fundraisers in the state with NJ Gov. Chris Christie - - as Governors in employment-challenged states - - New Jersey, here: Wisconsin, at #1, here - -  had killed Amtrak projects, purportedly fiscal grounds, but each also busted for fudging the numbers.

With all that baggage, I found it amusing that the Walker campaign could claim that the two Governors "have done more to put America back on track than anyone in a generation."

And I included that media malapropism in a list of miscues and Freudian fumbles that seem to be afflicting GOP leaders in Wisconsin these days.

Getting in the spirit was Mike DuHaime, Christie's political strategist, who was quoted by New Jersey media about Christie's upcoming visit to Wisconsin by saying his boss backed Walker because of the two governors' similarities - - but given Wisconsin's unfortunate political black eye at the errant hands of angry State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, I'd say DuHaime should have looked for a better metaphor:

"There was never a doubt that Walker was going to be no-nonsense when he got into the governor’s office," DuHaime said. "He was not going to just be a wallflower. He was going to make chances for what he thought was right. Just like Gov. Christie, he was going to grab problems by the throat and not let go."
D'oh! Remind me to add that to my growing list of Walker-related muffs.

For you out-of-staters, here's the reference point:

Justice says court fight led to Prosser chokehold

A member of the Wisconsin Supreme Court's liberal faction has accused a conservative justice of choking her during an argument in her office earlier this month — a charge he denied.

Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Justice David Prosser put her in a chokehold during the dispute. She contacted the newspaper late Saturday after Prosser denied rumors about the altercation.

"The facts are that I was demanding that he get out of my office and he put his hands around my neck in anger in a chokehold," Bradley told the newspaper.

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Gareth said...

Visually at least there is going to be a certain Laurel & Hardy aspect to this tour. Photographers should be sure to pack a wide angle lens.