Friday, April 27, 2012

DNR Secretary Stepp Still Attacking Senators On Mining Bill

Cathy Stepp is stirring the pot all over again on the mining issue, and bringing a divisive image to an agency, state government and issues that hardly needs it.

...what we saw happen was just kind of the Senate Democrats and (GOP) Sen. (Dale) Schultz throw it up in the air as if it was confetti at a labor rally...
Continuing to attack elected officials only reinforces her identity as a talk radio partisan.

While ignoring the fact that her agency has a policy-making board already displeased with the way she politicized the mining issue:
Stepp's comments did not please Dave Clausen, the chairman of the state Natural Resources Board, which sets policy for the DNR. He said Stepp has never talked about the mine legislation with the board.

"By law, the Natural Resources Board sets the legislative agenda and department policy," Clausen said. "Secretary Stepp has never consulted with the board on the mining issue."
So to what end right now? Walker surrogate?


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Anonymous said...

Cathy Stepp is absolutely right. And you, as usual, are absolutely wrong.