Sunday, April 22, 2012

Walker's Earth Day 'Proclamation' Release Proclaims No Information About Earth Day

I noted over the weekend that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's office had said he had issued a "proclamation" about Earth Day, but in the news release I had seen about it there was no discussion of Earth Day, or any of the familiar "Whereas" and "Now Therefore Be It Resolved" language we've come to expect in an official executive proclamation.

Nor could I find the proclamation on the Governor's official website.

I now see the text on the Governor's website dated Friday - - well, OK, so be it... but all I can say is you might as well have proclaimed it Baloney Sandwich Day.

Is there a separate proclamation floating around the Governor's office that actually discusses Earth Day, and not just the announcement of more details about a project that was, in fact, approved in December, 2011?

Nice project, no doubt, but are we to assume that when its plan comes to fruition, it is the de facto Earth Day proclamation, come to life?

I'll post the entire wording of the release and the non-proclamation's proclamation from Walker's website here:

Governor Walker Issues Earth Day Proclamation (Friday, April 20, 2012)

From Governor Walker's Press Office

April 20, 2012
For Immediate Release
Governor Walker Issues Earth Day ProclamationExecutive Residence Will Also Undergo Shoreline Restoration Project  

MADISON – Governor Walker today issued a proclamation for Earth Day and announced that the Executive Residence will also undergo a shoreline restoration thanks to the help of a citizens’ group.  The citizen’s group restoration project will help boost wildlife habitat and water quality.   

The group is now seeking materials and donations for the project from businesses and individuals as well as recruiting people to serve on a variety of committees to raise money for the project, get it done, and maintain it.
 "A shoreland restoration at the Executive Residence will be a beautiful addition to the shores of Lake Mendota and a tremendous opportunity to increase awareness about the importance of protecting Wisconsin waters," says Patricia Cicero, a Lake Mills resident who chairs the group.

"We are so pleased to be able to move ahead with this, and invite other citizens to get involved through donating their time and materials."            
Shoreland restorations use native flowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees to provide erosion control, filter runoff before it enters lakes and rivers, provide wildlife habitat, and scenic beauty.             
The State Capitol and Executive Residence Board voted unanimously in December 2011 to approve the shoreland restoration project at the Executive Residence, where Governors of Wisconsin have lived while in office since 1949.   
A group of citizens who participated in the Wisconsin Lake Leaders Institute launched the effort several years ago to gain support and approval for this project. The Lake Leaders Institute offers people interested in lakes intensive training to help them develop their technical knowledge about lake ecology and management, state laws and processes regarding lakes, and how to be an effective voice on behalf of lakes.            
The institute is sponsored by the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership, which includes Wisconsin Lakes, a statewide organization of lake associations, the University of Wisconsin- Extension Lakes Program, and the Department of Natural Resources. 

The restoration project will be implemented in close consultation with the Department of Administration, the State Capitol and Executive Residence Board, and the Executive Residence staff, according to Cicero, who is on the Board of the Rock River Coalition and a Water Resource Management Specialist at the Jefferson County Land and Water Conservation Department.            
The plant design was prepared by Hope Oostdik of Dutch Designs; Lisa Reas of LJ Reas Environmental Consulting Corp.; Bradley Vowels, a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in landscape architecture and water resources management; and Barb Gajewski a 2008 Lake Leader graduate and independent environmental consultant.  The planting will occur in September 2012.

The shoreland restoration installation and long-term maintenance will be implemented under the leadership of the Lake Leaders and the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership.  They are currently in the planning phase and are forming committees to work on the various aspects of the project including fundraising, publicity, and education. 
"There are so many great ways to be part of this exciting project," Cicero says. "Please join us and help make the Executive Residence a great example of how we can help protect the lakes that mean so much for our quality of life, our outdoor recreation and our local economies." 
Citizens interested in donating to the project can do so by contacting the Rock River Coalition.
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mikeutzinger said...

My guess is that the attachment of the word "proclamation" to the press release is little more cover to allow Walker to claim he is not ignoring the environment on earth day. Pathetic behavior by an ideological, partisan governor.

James Rowen said...

A little like saying, "I am on a diet." As if the word "diet" means there is a diet in place and in effect.

Pass the Cheetos, please.

Boxer said...

And it misses the whole point of Earth Day which is to do the right thing because it's the right thing to do.

And it sounds as if a tremendous amount of public and private resources are being employed to plan, approve and complete the project. How many feet of lake frontage are involved? Perhaps the project should have been undertaken as part of the regular upkeep of the Peoples' Mansion. Then open the newly restored frontage up to the people.