Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thursday In Madison Is LazichFest, In A Round About Way

Ah, State Sen. Mary Lazich, (R-New Berlin) - - Wisconsin's gift to political theater that keeps on giving.

On Thursday morning she's scheduled a hearing on the state's use of traffic roundabouts - - that foreign roadway import that calms traffic, and saves on stoplight costs, but which Lazich finds overwhelmingly baffling.

City of Milwaukee Mark Belling fears a New Berlin roundabout, too.

Even though all turns into them are to the right.

Some other true-fact items from the Lazich archives:

*  She proposed criminalizing prank phone calls. This came after Scott Walker was embarrassed spilling the beans to the fake David Koch and earned her a shout out on "The Colbert Report."

* Led opposition to the Great Lakes Compact of 2008 even though it was making it possible for her home town to get the Great Lakes water supply it sought, because she believed it would destroy Wisconsin's sovereignty.

A State Senate floor tirade is here.

*  Retained her chief staffer despite his having fought it out on his personal blog with a younger Franklin blogger and calling him a string of names, including "cheesecake breath;" labeling the DNR a wing of the Nazi party; calling liberal critics "matzo-skinned; and being dunned by the state for taking vacation time to which he was not entitled.

The aide, Kevin Fischer, then got hired by Scott Walker as communications director at what is essentially a state bank - - the Wisconsin Housing and Development Agency - - but still used his blog to blast away disrespectfully at people he didn't like even after WHEDA published new rules about employee conduct on social media.

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