Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shills Pick Odd Time To Launch Pro-Walker 'It's Working' Website

The 1% spends pocket change on a recall-anticipatory 'It's Working' website touting Walker's budget (psst: it's really thanking him for the tax breaks) the same day a state agency announces job losses in the manufacturing heartland, and a few days after another state agency said Walker's 250,000-new-jobs pledge was unattainable.

The website's diversionary tactics will fool no one - - people can spot propaganda this transparent - -  and suggest weakness and fear as the Walker recall looms.

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nonquixote said...

Let us not forget Obama's Friday last, stealth signing of the, "let's send another 150K US manufacturing jobs overseas," legislative free trade deals quietly missing the news casts and yet to be talked about in any MSM.

Someone else who deserves being voted off the island as much as Walker.