Saturday, October 22, 2011

Walker, Not Barrett, Has The Radical Environmental Agenda

Just for the record:

Scott Walker twisted some positions by Tom Barrett into a bogus accusation about a Barrett "radical environmental" agenda, when we now see in the sweeping de-regulation of Wisconsin's waterways in Walker's Senate Bill t24 that he is the radical on the environment.

By diminishing the role of the DNR to enforce the constitutionally-mandated Public Trust Doctrine, Walker's Ruin Wisconsin's Waters Bill will make it easier to fill a wetland, degrade a shoreline, push a structure into a sensitive waterway, and generally, through quickie permit reviews or suspended rule-making keep the public out of waterway use decision-making.

The bill also exposes the sham underway through a special senate committee on mining permits, as Senate Bill 24 will make it easier for mining operations to muck up waterways, and limit any public oversight.

In a state with 224 years of a strong public role in guaranteed waterway use and management, that is some radical stuff.

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