Thursday, October 20, 2011

There's A Lemon Law For Politicians; We Have A Recall For That

I can remember the day our whole family headed for a dealership on E. Washington Ave. below the Madison Capitol Square and piled into our new car - - a 1975 Plymouth Valiant, clone of the Consumers' Report highly-rated Dodge Dart.

Ours was two-toned - - a white vinyl top over a gold lower body - - in what the company said in this video was a "glamour" compact car. 

Oh, brother:

We drove it off the lot, and it stalled. It was always in the shop in search of a fix that could not be found.

This was before the days of lemon laws, so we were stuck with it.

Fortunately, voters can recall an elected official who's a lemon, and I would argue that Scott Walker's entire failed first year in office - - from the "budget repair" bill that contained his collective bargaining assault, to a string of proven statements rated "false" to the the quick collapse of the first Walker budget - - reminiscent of earlier fake budgets with built-in land mines that he oversaw while Milwaukee County Executive - - means he's always going to be in the shop.

Voters do not have to accept lemon leaders; the Walker recall effort will show they won't.

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