Monday, October 31, 2011

Modest Proposal To Honor The Job Creators: Sell Naming Rights For 2012 Ballots

Wisconsin Republicans who are rushing to deregulate state waters for private uses, or are even busier rigging the upcoming elections to save Scott Walker from a recall, could go all the way to corporatizing Wisconsin by selling naming rights for the 2012 elections.

Either straight-out corporate sponsorship at the top of the ballot- - like Road-Builders For Tolls, 2012,  or Mine The Penokee Range, Now.

Or smaller spaces auctioned off on the ballot for corporate logos, NASCAR style, next to candidates' names. Who wants Tar Sands? CAPCO (that one looks reserved)?

The Legislature could authorize a statewide election contest for the ballot title, with entry fees collected by the Government Accountability Board for a budget offset.

My suggestions: GOP Stealathon 2012, or Year of the Electoral Chokehold.


Clementine said...

Let's come up with something we can use on a bumper sticker.

ed hammer said...

You are showing disrespect to those people that just happen to be corporations. C'mon, they have feelings, too. Nonetheless, the idea shows promise. I might take it just a few steps forward and suggest that we just auction offices...a bit more direct, wouldn't you say? Think of the money we would save by eliminating those pesky old elections. We could eliminate all those local election officials, get rid of the government accountability board, all kinds of wonderful things.