Saturday, October 22, 2011

Congratulations, New Berlin: Your GOP State Senator Does You Proud Again

Mary Lazich, thank you for all you do.

Photo of Senator Lazich
State Sen. Mary Lazich, (R-New Berlin)
This time, during the Special Session on Jobs, the ultra-rightwing legislator from New Berlin is promoting...abstinence-only public school 'sex-ed.'

Her last big PR splash: criminalizing prank calls, which earned her a shout out on The Colbert Report.

And kept a full-time staffer and blogger who called the DNR a Nazi organization.

When it comes to major issues, there she went again - - opposing the minimum wage, freaking out about Wisconsin losing "sovereignty" to a Great Lakes water agreement she seemed unaware was about to supply her hometown with its sought-after clean water supply, and claiming that Milwaukee officials who wanted to charge New Berlin a regional cooperation fee for the water were extortionists.

Then there's her objection to the minimum wage, her complaints about not getting enough stimulus funding she opposed, and other follies, here.

[Sunday Update: A local blogger in New Berlin weighs in, calling Lazich's leadership "lousy."]


Anonymous said...

Hey dummy, I saw the maps.

Lazich is no longer the only Senator for the City of New Berlin.

And the last time I checked, folks elected school boards to decide these things.

Catch up or go nigh, nigh elderly friend.

James Rowen said...

No, Anony: Catch up your scaredy-cat anonymous and uneducated self:

The redrawn district map to which you refer does not go into effect until next year, and if you had been reading the papers last week you would have seen that a three-judge Federal panel in Chicago signaled it will hold up the redistricting because it prevents hundreds of thousands of people from voting for a new Senator in the next election.

Lazich's bill about sex-ed empowers school districts to do something by law they now cannot do. Hence, her effort to pass a new law.

Read up on how your government works.

Anonymous said...

She's an idiot, and she doesn't want to know the truths. I once was a speaker at an event, soon after she first was elected.

She followed me with a speech that misquoted my work, not that she knew that, because she didn't credit the source. I quietly mentioned, afterward, for her sake, that the statement was wrong and explained why -- and that I was the source.

She said that her staff had written the speech and always were correct. I offered to contact them to help them understand the complexity of the point and get it right next time for her sake.

She said that I must be wrong -- about what I had written.

She's an idiot. I was fortunate to find out when she first started her stint in office. Of course, after that experience, I have closely watched her since. She has been wrong so many times since, yet New Berlin keeps electing her. Therefore, I can only conclude that the majority of people in New Berlin are idiots, too.