Thursday, October 20, 2011

Conservation Organization Says Mining Bill Worse Than Expected

From the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, this alert:

Today we received Special Session Assembly Bill 24.
We expected this to be a bad bill. Turns out that it’s worse than our very worst expectations.
We thought this bill would be about mining. It is. But it goes much, much further than that.
Read Special Session Assembly Bill 24 here. We will post updates as we have them on our Facebook page.
We are working quickly to prepare an in-depth analysis for you (expect it early next week), but for now — mark your calendars! The one way to stop this bill is to demonstrate to legislators that it is WILDLY unpopular with voters.
This will be a JOINT hearing of the Assembly and Senate Natural Resources Committee. We need you, your friends, neighbors and family to be in Madison for this hearing.
Public Hearing on the Special Session AB 24
Wednesday, October 26th
11:00 am
State Capitol, Room 412 East
Please RSVP here.

Please share this email broadly with your networks of friends who – like you – care deeply about Wisconsin, democracy, and public health.
Thursday night update from the group's Facebook page:

Looking for your advice. What would you name a bill that GUTTED water protections, ELIMINATED public input, DECIMATED mining laws, gave MASSIVE handouts to Walker contributors and created NO jobs???


Anonymous said...

Here is something FUN FUN FUN Secretary Stepp is planning for all of the Central Office DNR! On October 31 we are going to have a "Progressive" potluck (how ironic!). Each of the 8 floors has been assigned to bring a type of food or drink. We will go from floor to floor on state time, eating and drinking. As a special torture, it is planned for Oct 31 so we are supposed to wear costumes. There will be a contest. Oh Yay! Fun and Games and LOVE LOVE LOVE for our top managers!!!!

JB said...

I'm glad to see that Anonymous did not post this comment during work hours. Mustn't be snarky on state time, y'know!

But think about your costumes. Miners, pier installers, dead fish? Angry tribe members, perhaps?

I hate the toxic work environment created by this group of fools bent on the destruction of our state, don't you?