Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guns In The Capitol: Wisconsin GOP Legislators, Governor Have Had A Breakdown

(updated from yesterday) Nothing but heartache is going to come of this.

And the officials from Scott Walker on down who are catering to the NRA and listening to paranoid voices in their own heads to justify bringing guns into the Madison Capitol building public viewing galleries, and on to the chambers' floors, have turned themselves into cartoonish caricatures of leaders.

So carrying in a Glock will be OK, even encouraged, but bringing in a sign or a camera will get you arrested.


Anonymous said...

The piece that I have not seen mentioned anywhere here is the number of school groups that go through the state capitol and this policy's effect on that. We don't let guns inside school zones to protect kids, but with tens of thousands of Wisconsin children going through the state capitol every year, are we putting them into a questionable situation?

jack said...

Not allowing guns in the gallery would create "a target-rich environment". I know, it sounds silly. But that's the argument used by one citizen in favor of allowing guns into the Delafield City Hall/Library civic center.