Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wisconsin Assembly Passes 100 Proof Jobs Bill

By expanding the hours that liquor can be sold in the state that already leads the nation in drunk driving, binge drinking and other unhealthy indicators, The State Assembly has its bloodshot eye on the ball and is creating jobs in these fields:

EMT/First responders

Emergency room personnel

Long-term care facility staffing

AODA counseling

Funeral home worker
Auto body repair shops
Alcohol sales outlets
One Wisconsin organization aimed at healthy lifestyles has more information:

For more information contact: Paul Krupski, Health First Wisconsin; 608.443.436
Assembly Passes Bill to Increase Hours of Alcohol Sales Sales to begin at 6:00 AM

Madison, Wis.―October 25, 2011―On Tuesday, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed AB 63, which would legalize alcohol sales earlier in the day, for more hours per day.

“We are one step closer to increasing the availability and access to alcohol in the state,” said Maureen Busalacchi, Executive Director of Health First Wisconsin. “We are disappointed that the Assembly has neglected to consider the impact of this bill on public health and safety of Wisconsin residents. It’s a hefty price to pay for ‘convenience.’”

In Wisconsin, Class A alcohol licenses are issued to establishments such as gas stations and liquor stores, which allow for the retail sale of alcohol for consumption off premise. Currently, a Class A licensee is allowed to sell beer from 8am till midnight and liquor from 8am till 9pm. AB 63 would change the time retailers can begin selling alcohol to 6am.

“Already we are the #1 binge drinking state in the country. This change reinforces an unhealthy attitude toward drinking and enables alcohol abuse and binge drinking,” said Busalacchi. “There’s really no reason for people to buy beer before breakfast.”

It’s common sense that increased availability equals increased drinking. Research shows that increased alcohol availability and drinking leads to increased OWIs, risky sexual behaviors, and violence. “We need solutions to Wisconsin’s alcohol problems that create safer and healthier communities and neighborhoods,” said Busalacchi.

Health First Wisconsin and its partners pledge to fight passage of AB 63 in the Wisconsin State Senate.

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