Friday, October 21, 2011

Trick Or Treat At The DNR. Mostly Tricks

While Gov. Walker is planning on gutting the regulatory mission of the DNR, reducing public comment and participation in environmental decision-making and permitting procedures to facilitate everything from quick mining reviews to pier building into public waterways - - protected in the State Constitution in the public interest - - it is said that Secretary Cathy Stepp is honoring the hellish bent of the administration with a Halloween party at the agency Madison offices on 10/31.

If this turns out to be bad information, I'll say as much, but I'm willing to circulate this comment on the posting yesterday about the special session's 'environmental' legislation:

Anonymous said...
Here is something FUN FUN FUN Secretary Stepp is planning for all of the Central Office DNR! On October 31 we are going to have a "Progressive" potluck (how ironic!). Each of the 8 floors has been assigned to bring a type of food or drink. We will go from floor to floor on state time, eating and drinking. As a special torture, it is planned for Oct 31 so we are supposed to wear costumes. There will be a contest. Oh Yay! Fun and Games and LOVE LOVE LOVE for our top managers!!!!


Boxer said...

Sounds like a morale-building exercise DNR Barbie found in a magazine. Should really boost morale at the DNR. Please provide results of the employee survey taken on Nov 1st.

Anonymous said...

If you had an email I would gladly forward the email we all got to prove that this is what is happening. She wants us to "get to know each other." Also I believe that that is the day our compensation packages come out. Happy Halloween!

James Rowen said...

In the profile portion of this blog, the email is listed.

Anonymous said...

Policy aside, Cathy & Co. have been easier to work with than I would have expected. They actually do seem to respect the staff (notwithstanding that unfortunate blog post about Karner Blue butterflies), and some of their operational changes might actually make sense.

But of course, you can leave policy aside -- that's the reason for DNR's existence -- and I dread the results of their policy changes.

I'm hoping we can give Cathy a warm farewell in April, and then set to work repairing the dame.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that Cathy is more hands off than anyone Doyle appointed. The years of doing nothing because Doyle couldn't decide how a decision would affect him politically are gone. However, as you said, the policies are going to be a disaster.

It will take more then her (fake)warm smile and some morale boosting stunts to keep me from working on the recalls.