Friday, October 28, 2011

Mary Lazich Becomes Cathy Stepp Parody - - A Pre-Halloween Drama

When we last encountered New Berlin's Republican Senator and Legislative Puppet (Scott Fitzgerald, Puppeteer) Mary Lazich she was busy getting bigger trucks on the road with fewer rules, and also getting abstinence-only taught in the public schools.

Before that, it was her trying to criminalize prank calls, and, well - - you can read it all here.

Lazich is the GOP's go-to-she'll-say-anything legislator because everyone else in her Tea-soaked, fringe-focused caucus has more self-awareness and a stronger sense of shame, which tells you all you need to know about how tone deaf and isolated one legislator can become. Photo of Senator Lazich

But now she's outdoing herself, trying to quickly change the rules and laws at the 11-th hour that govern recall petition drives - - the process that, unfettered by the restrictions Lazich now proposes,  enabled now-Gov. Scott Walker to oust Milwaukee County Executive Tom Ament in 2002 - - by hamstringing petition circulators with new, cumbersome notarization requirements.

It's a blatant effort to monkey-wrench the process, to rig it and help save Walker from a recall election - - an insider's use of legislative power to change the rules to gain advantage.

Change the rules to benefit one party.

Hmmm...where I have heard that before?

Oh - -- it was in a very public complaint about such tactics, made against Democrats by one Cathy Stepp, a former Republican State Senator, former state co-chair for Rudy Giuliani, ex-home builder and now Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and in-house Halloween Party planner.

(Hint: On Monday at the DNR's Central Offices in Madison, desserts are on the seventh floor.)

Anyway, here's what Stepp had to say in a blog rant a few years ago before Walker gave her positions as  $125,000-a-year departmental secretary and chief agency costume judge, and the spelling, punctuation and capitalization are all Stepp's:

Just another example of the democrats game plan: Change the Rules to Fit the Players.

Shout it with me, now: HYPOCRISY, THY NAME IS DEMOCRAT."
From Cathy Stepp's lips to Mary Lazich's behavior.

Those tricksters!


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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Rule Number 1 for any Republican- "Our rules don't apply to us."

Way to go New Berlin! Between the teacher-hatred, low-income housing racism, and electing weaklings like Mary Lazich and Kathy Nickolaus, you sure have a bunch of winners.