Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In The State That Gave Away A New Amtrak Line...

There are still rail crossings that need fixing, and someone has to monitor rail-related fencing, though it's not clear why this isn't a mid-level task managed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Anyway...who is Scott Walker, Mr. Small Government, declaring as the best person for this job,at $90,001 a year?

Jeff Plale, the former Southside Milwaukee Democratic state senator who sided with Republicans on key issues late in Governor Jim Doyle's last term and landed. so far, two plum jobs with Scott Walker. 

Plale got confirmed by the State Senate today, and his salary - - about double what he was earning as a State Senator (oh, man, what a pension upper!) - - is also a $1 boost over the $90,000 he was getting in his first Walker appointment at the Department of Administration.
In a broke state, this is called austerity.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the real question is why Plale has had 3 Walker administration jobs in 8 months? Must mean he's either very good at them, very bad at them, or has some really good dirt on Walker.

hmmmm . . . .