Monday, October 31, 2011

Senate Recalls Have Helped Stop One Republican Power Grab

Photo of Senator Schultz
Democrats winning two seats in this summer's Senate recall elections pushed the GOP margin to a razor-thin 17-16, and that has allowed one ethically-centered GOP senator - - Richland Center's Dale Schultz  (top left)- - to stick a fork in one of New Berlin Republican State Sen. Mary Lazich's partisan, power-mad schemes to more easily embed Republican legislative majorities by manipulating redistricting and election calendars.

Photo of Senator Lazich
So the recalls mattered - - which is why Lazich (bottom left) is also trying to burden petitioners with new, notarization requirements as they gather signatures beginning later this week to recall Gov. Scott Walker - - another move that will backfire by adding motivation to organizers dedicated to ousting him.

And to fuel the planning for more Senate recalls in 2012, and other focused campaigns down the road against Republican obstructionists, until Lazich, her cohort and their reactionary agendas - - from Voter ID to environmental giveaways to eliminating collective bargaining - - are driven back in the minority.

This may well produce the title on whatever news stories sum up her career - - "She Helped Recall Scott Walker" - - and add to a legacy heightened by a national shout-out on The Colbert Report for proposing, in the wake of Gov. Walker's revealing and politically damaging phone call with a prankster, that such calls be criminalized.


Marshall Flax said...

Great to see you use the word "reactionary" to refer to the far right. I clearly remember my Jr High Civics teacher explaining that the Radicals were on the far left and the Reactionaries on the far right. He may have been wrong, but I remember what he taught. It seems that these days "radical" is the only word used to describe political views that are one SD to the left or the right.

Boxer said...

Wacky Mary! Even the Repugs don't care for her.

James Rowen said...

@Boxer: But the voters in her district keep sending her back, and the Senate leadership made her head of the committee on elections, so the rest of us are stuck with her until Democrats can take the Senate back.

Boxer said...

Yes, and sadly, efforts last spring failed to garner enough signatures to put her on a recall ballot over the summer with the rest of the gang of evil-doers. Her district is very secure for her--even more so after redistricting, I assume.