Sunday, October 30, 2011

Paul Ryan's Moment Is Over; Pass The Cold Tea, Please

Occupy Wall Street changed the national conversation, the President is emboldened, so it no longer pays to be a Wall Street sycophant.

Congressmen sharing $350 bottles of wine at fancy DC watering holes with freshly-discredited investment sharpies are back to being mere self-interested political simpletons - - always in campaign mode, with their hands out, - - not the puffed-up big thinkers and policy-making genius reformers with fake political personas they seem to have inhabited just a few Tea Party meetings ago.

The Washington Post takes note:

The president has a long way to go, and he is pursuing a strategy now that he resisted for a long time. But it ought to encourage him that Paul Ryan is terribly upset. Telling the truth about inequality is politically wise, and morally necessary.
Nothing is forever in politics, or for very long. Scott Walker, et al, take note.


nonquixote said...

Unfortunately, sorryO in all likely-hood is going to be the DNC candidate for President next year. That being said,putting credence in anything that comes out of the Washington Post is chancy at best. More campaign "promises," promoting a jobs program that was a never going to pass through Congress, more verbal posturing with little action will not fool me nor many others to follow sorryO's deceitful electioneering again.

OWS is changing the national conversation, I agree. They are demonstrating precisely because of the decimation of personal liberties, the stripping of constitutional rights and because of wholesale financial ruin to ordinary Americans caused, aggravated and perpetuated by the willing tool in the White House.

When sorryO tells states to reign in the brutal crackdown on peaceful assembly, (peace officers shooting directly at our own citizens) when he orders the national guard to protect the protestors, when he calss a halt to Wall Street hiring NYC tax-payer financed police to turn tax-payer financed weapons on those same tax payers, when he puts on his comfortable shoes for doing anything such as walking or standing with labor, instead of heading to the gym for a pick-up game of hoops, until he does those things, nothing he says will set me to turn even half an ear.

300K estimated, US jobs to be lost in three, "free," trade deals a week ago Friday. An unconstitutionally formed committee of 12, sorryO's doing, gutting public safety nets, in the name of austerity.

Paul, "straw dog," Ryan never had a moment that meant anything else, other than that. I'll hold my crowing about anything celebratory for awhile.

Anonymous said...

paul ryan is a shameless pig doing the work for other sameless pigs.