Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We Have A Governor Who Defaults To Spin, Falsehood

Why does Governor Walker have such a hard time being straight with the public?

Remember his no-tax increase budget that actually raised some people's taxes?

Or the union-busting policy tucked into his "modest" budget repair bill?

And his repeated insistence - - vetted and found to be false - - that he had been upfront about his plans to Drop The Bomb on collective bargaining?

Now it's reached the blatantly absurd - - offering after-the-fact spin over his failure to meet a campaign promise to "immediately" begin making larger contributions to his pension account.

Adding seven months to immediately is like announcing a new, 19-month calendar.

And how do you rack up "half-false" or worse on 23 out of 35 statements analyzed - - almost 70% - - in your PolitiFact file?

And expect to be believed in the swirl of publicity surrounding a John Doe probe involving staffers by reminding people that you were an Eagle Scout.

That was then, this is now.

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A. Wag said...

He's giving Eagle Scouts a bad name.