Monday, October 24, 2011

Op-Ed Coincidentally Underscores Scott Walker's Assault On Wisconsin's Environment

Funny how things work out.

Little did I know that Scott Walker's proposal to undermine the state's historic role in preserving the environment as a public trust would amplify the point I was making in a Crossroads piece published Sunday, but which I wrote Thursday October 13th - - more than a week before his Senate Bill 24 became news:

Bear lessons

Some Wisconsin folks would do well to read Faulkner's classic story about humans and nature

Two stories in the Journal Sentinel recently took me back to William Faulkner's "The Bear," a powerful short story about people and their relationship to the disappearing Mississippi forests generations ago.

Without spoiling the plot of this great story, suffice it to say that Faulkner sets in motion a diverse group of men who track an almost mythical animal on their annual ritual hunt where they learn things about their connections to the land, and, by extension, to each other.

My essay here would be little more than brief academic nostalgia if the news didn't prove, regrettably, that life indeed can imitate art and leave you wondering about just what makes some of your fellow human beings tick.

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