Sunday, February 20, 2011

When Talking Points Talk: Walker's Rubber-Stamps Highlight, Tweak, Copy, Paste

They said they worked together to make Scott Walker's anti-union budget repair (sic) bill better, but take a look at the remarks from State Sen. Van Wanggaard, (R-Racine), here, and State Sen. Dan Kapanke, (R-LaCrosse), here, and ask yourselves: are the constituents getting something from the heart, or talking points edited, copied and pasted?

I note these similarities, among others:


"Wisconsin is facing a $3.6 BILLION shortfall in the next biennium. We owe our good neighbors to our west, Minnesota, almost $60 million in reciprocity payments. The past administration and legislature stole $200 million from the Injured Patients Compensation Fund."


"Wisconsin has a $3.6 billion deficit. We owe over $56 million to the state of Minnesota, accruing interest daily. We owe $200 million to the Patients Compensation Fund." 


"I have agonized and prayed for guidance on my vote."


"I have agonized over this vote and I have prayed for guidance on this vote."


"Here are some of the key components of the collective bargaining aspect of the bill that should clarify some concerns:

  • State and local employees will have civil service protections for grievance, discipline,  
and termination proceedings.
  • Progressive Discipline still exists.
  • Termination for just cause still exists.
  • A worker still retains the right to have a representative present at any grievance, termination, or discipline hearing.
  • Wages can still be collectively bargained.
  • The union still exists.

I have worked with my Senate colleagues to ensure that workers at the state and local level, including teachers, have these workplace protections. It is important to note that:
State and local employees who have civil service protections for grievance and discipline retain those rights.
  • Public workers serving without these protections will now have those protections.
  • Progressive Discipline still exists.
  • Just Cause is still required for termination.
  • Workplace safety must be addressed at all levels of government
  • Workers retain the right to have a representative present at any grievance, termination, or discipline hearing.
  • The union still exists.


    Anonymous said...

    Another proposal by Sen. Dale Schultz; "most collective bargaining rights of public employee unions to be eliminated – per Mr. Walker's bill – but then reinstated in 2013" (WSJ). Sounds like a compromise until you realize we still have one of the most expansive Gub. veto laws in the nation-he doesn't even need Vanna White rules.

    Anonymous said...

    When will the Dem's/Progressives learn to message in lockstep like the Republicans?

    Joshua Skolnick said...

    If I were the teacher or professor of these guys, I would flunk them for plagiarism.