Thursday, February 24, 2011

Barrett Offers Plan To Address Budget, Union Rights' Issue

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett sees a way to address state fiscal matters, plus union labor costs and municipal finances, too, without eliminating collective bargaining.

It's a solid, creative plan - - the Journal Sentinel's first take on it is here - - but there is no chance Scott Walker would accept any advice from Barrett, over whom he eked out a win in the November gubernatorial race.

Walker is interested in an ideological victory over unions and deification as the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan and wants a solution to the crisis he manufactured only on his terms.

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enoughalready said...

Thanks a lot Journal Sentinel for endorsing the unscrupulous and eagerly ambitious Walker over his more mature and solid opponent. Walker sure is generating a lot of headlines, though. Probably has even sold a few papers. Congratulations.