Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Bad Walker Staff Work; Walker Pranked By Phony Taped Koch Brother Caller

I'd been commenting that Scott Walker's staff work was uninformed and wobbly - - the "modest proposal" talking point, a fire-free fireside chat when Walker is about as far from FDR as you can get, but letting Walker be duped into thinking that he was talking to one of his most controversial supporters - - probably unforgivable.

In the call, which was taped and posted, Walker talks about working with other governors to help the cause go national.

There's talk about keeping a baseball bat handy in the Governor's office, and no correction from Walker when the fake Koch brother talks about crushing the "bastards."

And in his own words, Walker likens his push against unions to Reagan's dismissal of the air controllers, a dynamic which Walker glowingly compares to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

If Walker thinks unions are like the dictatorial, murderous Communists who fell from power when the Wall came down, ouch: There goes all the Right's huffing and puffing about a civil debate and the occasional stupid picket sign with a crude Hitler analogy.

A friend opines that we know where the state government layoffs are going to begin.


Michael Horne said...

I've also found spelling and grammar errors in his proclamations, inaccurate and uncorrected information (to convene Legislature at a feed lot for budget address --unconstitutional!)and now this!
I think his attack dogs have scared away his watch dogs.
I think Mike Grebe needs to put a cot in the governor's office and straighten this place out.

James Rowen said...

Grebe doesn't need any more leverage.

nonquixote said...

Just because Walker’s staff apparently doesn’t have the intelligence to check something out like this, (i.e. Mr Kock, could you please leave a number, we will return your call shortly) this event should give every Wisconsinite a big clue about how gloriously mishandled our beloved state will be "administered to," in the hands of Walker's political cronies and flunkies.

Call your Republican Senator and Assembly person and ask if they are still going to be rubber stamping every word of this royal buffoon's agenda.

Unknown said...

Let's not forget this is the guy who, in a letter to the President, referred to "governor-elects" and addressed certain concerns to "Secretary Sibelius."