Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scott Walker Limping To Meet The Press, 9:00 A.M. Central Time

Our Gov. gets his big national audition later this morning on NBC's Meet The Press, but look at the baggage he's lugging on to the set:

Multiple findings of "False" by PolitiFact on key elements of his budget-repair/union-busting plan, and taped audio framing his goals as political, not fiscal.

These are all self-inflicted wounds.

He's not up to the task.


Anonymous said...

Scott Walker is a hero....wake up liberals!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, he IS an unintentional hero to the progressive movement. He has miscalculated so many times about so many issues that he has egg permanently stuck in his face.
He hasn't even been in office 2 months, and already he has made an unenviable name for himself that is notable for being tone-deaf and clueless. He has outsmarted himself in a big way.