Friday, February 25, 2011

Xoff In The New York Times

Great letter:

To the Editor:

David Brooks repeats a claim that Gov. Scott Walker makes: As governor, he is simply doing what he said he would do.

In fact, while he said repeatedly that he would ask public employees to pay a bigger share of pensions and health care costs, Mr. Walker did not during his long campaign make clear that he would move to take away bargaining rights, essentially putting public employee unions out of business.

Given the strong reaction to his post-election surprise actions, it is not a stretch to say that if he had been honest with the voters about his plans, he might not have been elected.

Bill Christofferson
Milwaukee, Feb. 22, 2011

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enoughalready said...

Very glad to see Walker's big lie get national attention (and in time for his 'Meet the Press appearance, too), since his lie was no doubt designed to deceive a national audience (and the national press), not us locals who know better. Thanks, Bill.