Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Road To Sprawlville, Chapter 48: Wetlands Filled, But Franklin, WI Grand Scheme Unravels

Here's a cautionary tale - - made even more relevant by Scott Walker's developer-friendly brainstorm to allow small wetlands' fillings by developers without all that pesky permitting and appeals:

Tom Daykin reports that a project once touted as the salvation of Franklin faces foreclosure.

Others of us remember that wetlands were filled to make the miracle happen.

It didn't look pretty from the get-go.


Riverkeeper said...

The Milwaukee County Conservation Coalition sued Carstenson over illegal grading/wetland filling at this location, unfortunately after the fact. We were unable to stop it at Franklin or through DNR permitting. Paved paradise to put in a big box and mostly empty parking lot. Its tragic.

James Rowen said...

Wisconsin is open for wetlands filling.