Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chuck Todd, NBC Political Correspondent, Says Walker Pranked Call "P.R. Disaster"

Via Twitter:

Chuck Todd
This gonzo entrapment "journalism" is a bad precedent; but it doesn't change fact Scott Walker stepped in it BADLY. It's a P.R. disaster


MAL said...

Gov. Scott Walker is a pathetically, deluded narcissist who is playing games with the lives of Wisconsin working families.

He will be recalled.

How can this possibly be defended? This is a spectacular scandal that will end Walker. He's everything we have said about him.

Anonymous said...

In what way is it a PR disaster? It just gives his opposition more to yell about? How is that meaningful?

It's not a political disaster--it does not jeopardize any of his support or give any opportunities to his opposition. Worst impact is that he may just skip his planned next move and start firing people right away.

He understands force, as opposed to talk. Talk will not beat him. He knows his own strengths well and named his only real threat. If his opposition wants to win as much as Walker does, they should start doing at least as much damage as some Halloween revelers have done in Madison.