Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On Chicago Public TV, Norquist Supports Collective Bargaining, Demolishes Conservtive 'Think Tank' Rep

Former Milwaukee Mayor and State Senator John Norquist was on a public television panel last night in Chicago to discuss the Wisconsin political uproar over Scott Walker's anti-union agenda.

Among the highlights: Norquist called Walker's approach "radical," the portion of his bill that allows the no-bid sale of state assets "gross," and corrected a spokeswoman for the right - - she was identified as Diana Rickert, a former Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter; her LinkedIn page says she was a summer intern - - when she said that Walker had campaigned on the plan to end collective bargaining for public employee unions.

PolitiFact yesterday rated Walker's claim "false"

Norquist - - for whom I worded between 1996-2004 - - made the point that the Senate Democrats' absence had created time to allow important information to come out about the bill, such as the asset transfer that looked like a payoff to contributors, he said..

Norquist never ran with public employee union endorsements, but always supported collective bargaining.

You can see the entire segment, here.

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