Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scott Walker's Immaturity

You can bet that to the extent Scott Walker is getting any advice, it's from a small circle of job-holders and sycophants who are telling him exactly what he wants to hear - - and it's the wrong thing:

"Be strong.  Don't give in. Compromise is weakness," etc.

In fact, a willingness to adapt is a sign of maturity, and strength, because it shows an ability to listen, process and think more than one simple step ahead.

Right now, he's on too much of a high to see the opportunity, so misses a chance for leadership.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with Walker is that he is a lifelong politician. He has no real private sector experience. Oh sure he was the asst. mgr. at Judy's Redhots hotdog stand at 27th & Morgan before he flunked out of Marquette, but most of his "adult" life has been on the taxpayers' tit. He played hero showing up at Patriot rallies to promote the money and life wasting war in Iraq. Naturally he failed to serve in the military himself.His immaturity comes from his narrow life experience.