Monday, February 21, 2011

Times Have Changed: Remember When The More Moderate Tommy Thompson As A Legislator Was Called "Dr. No?"

So "Governor No" doesn't convey the arrogance of Walker's no-negotiations, no-compromise position: Tommy would never have gone that far - - he inflated the state (read: union members) payroll, raised spending and wanted everyone to love him.

Where Tommy would say "Yes," or "OK, OK," Walker just says "No," which in politics, means "Go **** yourself."

As I've been arguing, "No" may be a feel-good, base-pleasing tactical approach, but it's not a sustaining way to govern.

And I suspect that "No" is going to be the battle cry come next January, when recall activities begin and the question is "Walker, Yes, or No?"

A week or so ago, I would have said, "No," a recall isn't going to happen, but now I believe it will.

Walker has gone too far, too fast, and the more he says "No," the more the die is cast.

Two can play the "No" game; for Walker, it will come with bonus irony.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Tommy Thompson, where is he and what have they done to him? Tommy hasn't been this quiet about anything since leaving public life. His silence is deafening. Even if he finally settled down comfortably in his career of being a corporate shill, we would of heard something from him.

James Rowen said...

The last I heard of Tommy he supported Walker on killing the train.

Party over principles, eh?

Quite a turnaround for the former Chairman of the Amtrak Board of Directors, and Wisconsin's leading cheerleader for rail.

Anonymous said...

Recalling Walker would be viscerally satisfying, but do we really think Gov. Kleefisch would be a big improvement? Or Gov. Fitzgerald?

Anonymous said...

tommy, can you hear me?

rich said...

Every once in awhile over the years I've been surprised and heartened by Tommy Thompson's ability to listen to expert evidence, listen to reason, and then make the best / optimal policy decision.*

But then he keeps quiet like now, when it matters and Wisconsin's future is on the line. And he backs down.

It's kind of sad to see Tommy Thompson back away from the good things we all know he really stands for .. . great personal relationships, the shared gemutlichkeit of Wisconsin culture, Amtrak, a genuine boosterism ...

Remember this is coming from a lifelong Thompson detractor -- Tommy Thompson would always be reliably be Tommy Thompson -- but it's as though the heart's gone out of him and he doesn't have even the energy to be true to himself.

Or even true to Wisconsin.

* e.g., stem cell research, IIRC.