Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walker Mentor NJ Gov. Chris Christie Says There's A "New Normal"

Let the countdown begin now - - 12:20 AM Wednesday, 2/23/11: How long will it take for Scott Walker to work that Christie phrase (story, here) into his soulless delivery?

Perhaps as a hybrid talking point, as in..."a modest new normal."

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Eva Augustin Rumpf said...

To Today's TMJ4:

I have always trusted and respected WTMJ-Ch.4 for thorough and unbiased coverage of local news. But the station's coverage of the rallies in Madison has stunned and appalled me, making me wonder if Fox has taken over the station.

The headline used daily - "Chaos in the Capital" - is grossly misleading. The dictionary definition of chaos is "a condition of great disorder and confusion." In contrast, the rallies have been peaceful and orderly, as the national media have noted, and the protesters are certainly not confused about why they are there. Please drop this misleading tag!

Furthermore, the reports over the weekend left viewers with the impression that the numbers of Tea Party attendees and Walker supporters were as large as the tens of thousands of protesters against the union-busting bill. Your producers and reporters should be ashamed of this sloppy coverage. WTMJ can do better!

Eva Augustin Rumpf