Friday, February 25, 2011

WTMJ Channel 4 Adds Walker-Only Interview Program Sunday Morning

Sunday is WalkerFest on TMJ4.

After Walker is on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday at 9:00 a.m., Charlie Sykes' half-hour program that follows will be a taped Walker-only interview instead of a pundit/media panel discussion.

Smart move by the station, given Walker's national exposure and Meet the Press appearance.

Object lesson also about how conservative media and politicos feed off each other.


Joshua Skolnick said...

More proof that Wisconsin media, in particular the electronic media, is the house organ for the right wing. No liberal or progressive politician would ever be given their own half hour to bloviate. I'd expect the sun to rise in the west before television media in Wisconsin would give equal air time to progressives.

RIngo from Wisco said...

Listen to how TJM4 announces their lead-in when they discuss the repair bill. The hold-up is the Dems (not Walker and the corporate hacks) and it's being held "hostage." These people are Icky....