Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Walker's Spin About Civil Service; No Mention Of His Assault On That, Too

Walker is confusing civil service protection with union collective bargaining. I know he know the difference, but he said:

But here is the unbelievable miscalculation that many of the protesters are being told by union leadership. What they believe is the protections they have as workers are brought to them by collective bargaining. That's not true. Just after the turn of the last century in 1905, Wisconsin passed the strongest civil service system in the country. Strongest that means in terms of civil service protections you have to be hired based on merit you can only be terminated under just cause.
Interesting, also, that his administration is taking some positions out of civil service, like departmental attorneys, legislative liaisons, and communications' staffers and converting them to political, at-will appointees.

So he is weakening civil service while also misrepresenting it.


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