Monday, February 21, 2011

Koch Brothers Have Major Investments In Wisconsin

List here.

No wonder they funded Walker's campaign to the tune of $43,000 - -  and now he will pull back the DNR, roll out the tax breaks and steer other Big Government assistance to help out in return.


Andy O said...

If anyone has the time and data, it would be interesting to see how the employment at these facilities has trended.

* Pre- and post-Koch.
* Overall Koch holdings.

I believe they just cut a bunch of jobs at their Georgia-Pacific plant.

If they are directing policy in Wisconsin, we should have a right to know if they are, truly, job creators or job destroyers. Wonder what the cost in tax breaks is per job destroyed?

Unknown said...

It would also be interesting to find out if their claims to safety and the environment pan out.

warren mintz @ hofstra .edu said...

can we find out what investments the Koch Brothers have so the we can be sure to avoid buying the products and making them richer?

James Rowen said...

Those brand names have been published. Google Koch and brand names or businesses.