Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walker Tape: He Spills The Beans, And More

Interesting that he had almost 20 minutes for a person he thought was David Koch, and in that time felt comfortable enough to give away all his plans for the next few days.

You can hear the tapes in two segments, here.

Creepiest parts:

When the fake caller says, why not plant some some trouble-makers in the crowd, Walker says, yeah, we thought about that and has only a strategic reason why that isn't necessary.

Also: Walker refers to his proposal as "dropping the bomb" - - but remember when it was just a "modest proposal?"


John P said...

So, what we now know is that Walker has never met Koch and barely knows who he is, but even when talking privately to his supposed ‘corporate master,’ Walker doesn’t say anything that he hasn’t said in public. Yes, I am quite shocked and scandalized

Anonymous said...

is there a full (not edited) version of the call transcript? because I'm seeing snippets of more damning stuff than the JS is including.

Anonymous said...

of course, "dropping the bomb" contradicts his assertion that no one should have been surprised by what he didi.

John Q said...

John P. is quite right, and you've misunderstood the part where they talk about agitators. Fake Koch was asking if Walker thought there was going to be trouble with militant protestors. Walker clearly doesn't want any violence because he thinks that would result in public pressure to make compromises. He has always made it clear he is not about compromise or negotiation. As long as he has the means to get his way, he can do this.

In the past I've enjoyed this blog as a source of expert, insightful analysis. Lately it's been about churning out each new shovelful of anti-Walker schadenfreude. Rumor and scandal mongering is not going to make Walker go down or help anyone understand the issues. Many others are doing this and are better at it. Worst of all, when all that's happening at TPE is repetitive spinning of molehills into Watergates, it loses credibility and attention.

Anonymous said...

I hope Walker succeeds in stopping the money grubbing Union. They have done it to themselves and need to be reined in.

nonquixote said...

@John P 1:44 and @John Q 6:51 PM

Anyone smarter than a fifth grader can see there is quite a real difference between Walker publicly claiming that fiscal conditions were what was forcing upcoming layoffs and then saying in the phone call that he is simply planning that layoff scheme as a strategy to ratchet up the pressure to bring home our 14 responsible Democratic Senators who are refusing to hand over their legal legislative oversight responsibilities into Walker's power grubbing hands.

Walker certainly had NOT told the public he plans to LIE to the Democratic 14 about wanting discussion of the Democratic position, to trick the Senators home and secretly hold the legislative vote while he distracts them at a meeting. Governor Gullibility himself, saying that he could pull that one off is something he has not said to the public.

Lastly, Governor Gullibility had not previously told the public that he had "thought about that," in reference to bringing in outside agitators pretending to be anti-Walker demonstrators. Show me where he made that claim in public and please do some homework before you publicly show how little you actually have been paying attention at school.