Monday, February 28, 2011

Scott Walker Had The Wurst Week In Wisconsin

The Washington Post has a regular, breezy news feature - - "Who had the worst week in Washington?" - - and if we were to shamelessly rip it off, we'd have to hand our version of the trophy - - perhaps a bratwurst that isn't up to par or cooked all the way through  - - to the political figure in Wisconsin whose own words told us he had no shame:

The union-busting, falsehood-fomenting Gov. Scott Walker.

You could argue that the winner might have been State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, for being unable or unwilling or too scared of the above-mentioned Scott Walker to negotiate a deal with Democratic Senators whose absence in unison has brought important matters in the Senate to a halt.

Or for haplessly dispatching State Troopers in the early morning hours across the state to Democratic Senators' homes, waking up the kids and annoying the neighbors, but finding no errant state senator over-sleeping or in the shower.

But while Fitzgerald was doing a poor imitation of this man - -

- - Walker locked down the prize when he rambled on for twenty-minutes about his clever anti-union strategery the way this guy might have played a Governor-in-training - -

- - when he chatted on the phone with a Buffalo, NY blogger who pretended to be industrialist and Tea Party financier David Koch.

Walker sounded so self-centered and insincere that the state's biggest newspaper, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - - which supported Walker in the 2010 campaign - - was officially and editorially creeped out.

Scott Walker, come on down and claim your prize. You had the wurst week in Wisconsin.

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