Friday, February 25, 2011

Asssembly Democrats, Stars Of Democracy

The Assembly Dems knew they could not stop Scott Walker's attack on bargaining, but they did a masterful job of pointing out the bill's true intentions and forced Republicans to underscore every mean-spirited and extremist line in the document.

Congratulations seems an insubstantial word, but these elected officials have done an extraordinary service to all Wisconsin residents.


utzinger said...

Paul Krugman actually quotes that portion of the bill that permits cronyism, the sale of state power plants without oversight. As UWM has the best operating and most efficient district heating and cooling plant in the state, thanks to its operation by an excellent public servant, I am sure it will be the first on the block for sale. I am sure our costs for steam and chilled water will increase. Here is the link:

I saw somewhere in a variety of my researches, a reference to a paper on Medicaid Dennis Smith, Walkers appointment to head Wisconsin Health & Human Services. Can anyone point me tow it?

Michael Utzinger

James Rowen said...

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