Thursday, January 13, 2011

Walker's Rule-Making Change Would Help Business Donor Fill A Wetlands

This is jaw dropping.

(The disclosure came in a story about regulatory reform by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, here.)

And I know..I know...the donor contributed to both major parties, and to Walker gubernatorial opponent Democrat Tom Barrett, which is a not unheard-of move by a business owner.

I'm focused on Walker here. He signaled immediately he would change rule-making and the regulatory process, but couldn't he have found a less-politically-charged example to begin with?

Is this bad staff work? Arrogance? I don't know. I just think it's amazing.


Tom - Waukesha said...

When it comes to environment, I tend to be less conservative in my views. I’m not a tree-hugger, but I am also not fond of filling in green-space when there is so much “asphalt-space” available throughout most cities.

If you read the story, I’m also not fond of the element of politics where campaign contributions buy political favors – regardless of party affiliation. It corrupts the system. I’m not saying that is what has (or has not) happened here, but the story presents the notion.

With that said, if you do a Google satellite view of the property, you also have to question the DNR. The satellite photo shows that the area is bone dry. A street view, clearly taken after a reason rain (there is shallow standing water on the opposite side of the street), also shows no standing water. So, you have to question the DNR’s labeling the property as a wetland where it really looks more like a dryland.

Anonymous said...

To Tom~

There is more to wetland identification then just looking "wet''...

- soil type
- plant identifications
- floodplains...

The DNR has interactive websites as well to help aid and locate delineated wetlands here:

Tom - Waukesha said...

Anonymous – good points. It was an oversimplification on my part.