Thursday, January 13, 2011

Energy Businesses To Walker: Leave Wind Siting Rule Alone

A group of alternative energy firms urges Scott Walker to leave the new wind turbine siting rule in place.

Wind energy is a growing industry in the US and in Wisconsin, too - - so pro-jobs Walker should leave well enough alone and not mess with the siting rule.

Ingeteam is already building a turbine plant in the Menomonee Valley; I really hope Walker doesn't ruin this for Milwaukee as he did with the Spanish train-maker Talgo and what was an expanding market for modern trains in the US.

The city is earning a reputation as a green manufacturing hub; Walker should be nurturing that development.

But I also note the informative comment in support of Walker's initiative to add barriers to turbine siting as posted on the Journal Sentinel's 1/11 story:

"I'm a member of the Wisconsin Wind Siting Council and a Realtor. The
interests of the residents who sacrifice the most have to be considered
before the interests of business. No person should have to pay a
substantial price in loss of health, liberty, or wealth so foreign investors
can profit and energy companies can delay investing in new technology
for bringing alternative energy to market. Wind turbines are old
technology, unable to produce cost efficient energy without
government subsidies and industry written rules which allow the
developer to impose their 400 foot tall steal mamoths on non-
compensated property owners.
It is no more reasonable to give the energy companies virtually free
access to the relatively small tracts of Wisconsin land suitable for
adequate wind than it is to allow BP to dump oil into the Gulf.
Governor Walker appears to have heard the voices of the citizens who
are most impacted. His directive is a wise one--Wisconsin is open to
alternative energy business, but unlike some states, trampling on the
property rights of Wiconsinites is not acceptable business.
Why should it be OK to litter Wisconsin's country and rural landscape
with imposing unnatural structures, without allowing the neighbors to
have a say in what's best for them? Walker's going to take criticism for
his decision, but in the end, Wisconsin will have turbine siting rules that
work. Looking forward to more discussion."


Max Berger said...

Substitute roads for wind turbines. Substitute rights of property owners for rights of the public to access and enjoy natural resources.

Now your ideologies are contradicting each other, Gov Have-It-Both-Ways!

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you for offering an opposing viewpoint in your post. Sometimes we actually learn something from those who disagree with us.

Popular green energy projects, however, seem to be another one of those really good ideas which do not work. When these projects don’t work the supporters find no fault with the project, but rather with society which they feel needs to be formed and molded to fit the project.

Those few really smart people who realize what is best for the majority are continually frustrated by the stupidity and ignorance of those of us in the great unwashed.