Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Republican Jeff Stone Goes Negative In Early County Exec Campaogn Literature

"Help us save Milwaukee County from

99 days of runaway Holloway!

Volunteers are needed now"

Those are the top three lines in an authorized "get to know me" (his phrase) Jeff Stone campaign postcard that came to the house today.

That didn't take long.


Anonymous said...

Too bad. Isn't he also the one playing the 'business man' role? He's got an office in his father-in-law's house, maybe one or two employees, and doesn't seem to actually make much money. Since he says he's taken 20 years or so to build such an empire, makes you wonder how good a business man he is.

The anti-Holloway thing seems to dovetail nicely into his voter ID stance - a little bit of reassurance to the 'deep south' part of the county.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Stone knows all too well that he is an acquired taste--one which most Milwaukee County will not like to acquire.