Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Annual Traffic Congestion Study Thursday Will Rank Milwaukee Fairly Uncongested

This yearly authoritative study comes out tomorrow, Thursday.

We're usually close to the bottom in our grouping of similarly-sized cities, with a rush hour closer to a rush minute, so why are we spending billions of dollars to add more lanes to relatively uncongested freeways?


Anonymous said...

It's probably the reasoning behind the argument that we don't really need a high speed rail train in SE Wisconsin. You can go wherever you want in a rather short period of time.

James Rowen said...

As was written many times, the train was to be part of a connection between Chicago and the Twin Cities; a way to get people from the west to Mitchell Field; and a link in a system among all Midwestern cities.

Which will be built - - just bypassing Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

I thought the reported purpose of the train was to get people out of cars and into mass transit in Wisconsin?

I think all those important people wanting a train can take a Greyhound bus without the martini bar.