Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Out With The Old Special Interests! In With The New Special Interests

And conservatives in Wisconsin think things have changed.

Nope - - just the people pulling the strings.

Let me quote the authority on this bit of political wisdom - - Cathy Stepp, the new Secretary of the wetlands-easy state DNR and the embodiment of special interest infiltration of the state government, who came out with it on a righty blog after leaving the State Senate to build houses in Racine.

But still righteously honked off at Democrats back at the Capitol and in the agencies whom she said were not bending the rules her way:

"Change the Rules to Fit the Players."

So today, it's a small wetlands near Lambeau Field that a big shot wants as a sporting goods store site.

Tomorrow, something bigger - - maybe with an impact on a trout stream or a lake where that sports' store tackle and gear will be of lesser use.

All irreplaceable.

Made so by reformers.

Spare me.

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Boxer said...

Hypocrisy! Thy name is Cathy Stepp!