Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Obama To Visit Wind Turbine Maker: Will Walker Visit, Too?

I cannot imagine Scott Walker will accompany Pres. Obama on his tour of a wind turbine plant, given that our new Governor intends to drive a stake through the heart of that industry in Wisconsin - - and drive the jobs to Illinois.

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George Carns said...

On Governor Walker's other not-going-to-be-too useful scheme to lure businesses FROM Illinois TO Wisconsin, check out this post from The New Republic's Metro Policy blog on Tuesday:

Job Creation on a Budget: Regional Cluster Strategies - By: Mark Muro on the Metro Policy blog. Let me quote a couple of salient paragraphs:

"As it happens, growing jobs 'organically' from among existing businesses and local entrepreneurship is by far a surer bet for lasting job creation than firm “chasing”….

Too often, state economic policies have placed external business recruitment at the center of their efforts, not realizing that such “smokestack” or headquarters chasing is typically wasteful at a time when resources are scarce. …No more than 2 percent of annual state job gains can be attributed to business relocations nationally while more than 95 percent comes from the expansion of existing businesses (nearly 42 percent) and the birth of new establishments (56 percent)."