Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Wisconsin Logo

Cathy Stepp, Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Natural 


Anonymous said...

I see that the old SE regional director is referred to as an environmentalist. I am interested in what this is defined as, and to what extent this is taken. To be knowledgeable about environmental and ecological processes and to modify our actions to maintain an environment which is in the long term interests of society is, in my mind, the legitimate goal of natural resource management. Environmentalism, however is something completely different.

The core belief of environmentalism is that nature, untouched by man, is the preferred condition of the world and that man’s presence harms nature. The environment is considered to be an entity which has preferences and experiences insults and harm. Carried to its logical conclusion, the environment is elevated to a level of a deity and worshiped. Environmentalism is a belief, a faith, a cult where its followers see themselves working for this abstract ideology above all else. It is a powerful force which has entrenched itself deep within the DNR and all traditional natural resource fields.

When a person proclaims themselves to be “working for the environment” we need to ask how this is. In what way does the environment convey its wishes to them and how then does it reward them for their actions. Do they get a separate W2 form at the end of the year from the environment?

The DNR needs to be reminded that they are employed by, and working for people. The basis for environmental concerns and laws are to ultimately enhance the lives of people which includes maintaining natural ecosystems for our enjoyment, not to worship the pagan god Gaia.

Anonymous said...

The "core belief of environmentalism," to use the phrase of the previous Anonymous, is that "nature bats last." We depend on the natural world to keep us alive and healthy and prosperous. If we treat the environment as an infinite source of resources and an infinite sink for wastes, some people might make a lot of money in the short run, but in the long run, we're screwed.

There's no basis for the charge the Gloria McCutcheon is a Gaia worshipper. She wasn't on a crusade to destroy the economy to preserve Karner Blue butterflies (there aren't any Karner Blues in SE Wisconsin); her job in Southeast Region was to balance competing interests, and keep the air and water from killing the people who live there. If she was a fanatic, she would not have survived as long as she did at the top levels of DNR.

Anonymous is evidently a devotee of the cult of the market, which has been elevated to the level of deity that is the all-knowing beneficent source of all value.

It's not, but there's no way to persuade true believers of that fact.

Anony Too said...

Anonymous 5:46: You spout with such authority. Where DO you get your definition of environmentalism, with its cultism, worship practices, the God Gaia and core beliefs? And a deity, too?

Just because you call it an -ism, and assign YOUR IDEAS of what it means, stands for, practices, or believes doesn't mean any of it is accurate or even in range of the truth. You're doing a lot of projecting of your own bizarre cultish or religious practices.

OOH! I guess I'd have to go now. Mother Nature is calling me on the pine cone phone with my latest eco-assignment! After that it's naked fire dancing around the sacred stones and some pagan-couplings with DNR staffers. The Great Green Goddess may visit too, to hand out our 2010 W-2s. Gosh, I hope we get a bonus this year--will it be cash or do we merely get to hang onto an endangered species for another year? Of course, we'll have to worship her (and the truly evil ones are always a HER, aren't they?), maybe by having her on a salad, or breathing in some fresh air or drinking clean water. Some subjects may just choose to go on a hike.

Anon--you're full of scat!

Anonymous said...

A quick glimpse into the world of environmentalism and the green agenda can be found here

Anonymous said...

I speak for those who have no voice, the air, water, soil and all the forgotten organisms of the earth whose unseen contributions to the web of life are as unappreciated as they are vital. It is my duty to protect the delicate balance of nature, easily destroyed by one, seemingly trivial, misguided action cascading into the destruction of entire species and ecosystems. It is my burden, my task, my mission; to stand between ignorance and ecological destruction. Oh how they hate me, the foolish, the un-wise masses, breeding like rats, gobbling up precious resources with no thought for tomorrow, excreting their waste as if the air and water were open sewers.

Yes, if not for my superior knowledge and authority, they would quickly succumb to their madness and they must be protected from themselves. Maintaining control and power is the ultimate tool for this noble work and this authority must be kept in the hands of the wise and benevolent few, not susceptible to the corruption of individual wants and desires of the great unwashed. The burden is mine which I gladly bear for the greater good, for I am DNR.

What? An elected official with nothing more than the majority support of the governed is able to hold me accountable to the public? Oh, to hell with it, I’m outta here.

Joshua Skolnick said...

@Anonymous @3:03 am. The site you link to is one of the "one world government" conspiracy theorist websites, and a lookup of the owner of the site pulls up an anonymous person in Christchurch NZ (

Not exactly credible. Its information is linked to things the people actually said or did, but are taken out of context. The site is rubbish.

Anony Too said...

The Green Agenda site, while ominously named--at least to a paranoid mind such as those of Anons 5:45 and 3:03-- is a site focused on recycling used printer cartridges. WHOOO - HOOO! Some whacked out religion THAT is!

Gotta go! Time to hug a tree, worship Gaia and pick up a recycled printer cartridge on my way to the Environmental Mind Control Center (spelled Centre in New Zealand) where they'll scan my neck microchip to update my operating software: "Green Agenda 2011: World Domination." Such a busy day!

PS: Did you hear that DNR staffers are using their furlough days for pagan circle-jerks on state properties? Better start running that one down. You can sneak up on them while they're in a trance chanting to Gaia!

Anony Too said...

Anon 5:46 am: When will we have the pleasure of hearing more from you about Environmentalism and the Mark of the Beast? Environmentalism and the Apocalypse? Environmentalism and the Rapture?

Just a few suggestions for future posts.