Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walker Again Spurs Job Growth In Illinois

Illinois got some of our rail funding and now Scott Walker is driving the wind energy business there, too.

He said he'd create 250,000 jobs, but we thought he meant in Wisconsin.

Via Twitter, however, Walker lets us know he's got his fans:

Governor Walker
Just spoke 2 the statewide Chamber of Commerce - WMC. They r pumped up about our Jobs Plan!


larrywi said...

Walker is the responsible party for sending this business to IL, horse hockey!! What aout the City of Wisc Rapids, and the way it is mishandling the deal with Jamie Mancl of Energy Composits. Get your facts straight!

JPK said...

Walker's ongoing hypocrisy makes me chuckle.

He campaigns on less regulation, but imposes a major regulation on this industry.

Anonymous said...

+1 for walker on the eliminating the train.

How about some clean fuel such as nuclear? There are no unsightly windmills and it actually produces significant energy. What a concept! You can even build it on my land in central WI.