Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Marriott Hotel Approved: "Jewish" Opposition Concoted By Mark Belling Appears Overrated

The Marriott Hotel development that WISN-AM 1130 righty talker Mark Belling had claimed was being secretly obstructed by influential Jewish business officials has been approved 13-2 by the Milwaukee Common Council.

Where did that "cabal" go?

Deeper underground?

To another equally fantasized imagination, or paranoid parallel universe?

Belling chose to attach his prickly image and accusatory imprimatur to an issue that already had  procedural and political problems.

It was never clear why Belling came running into the issue lugging along negative Jewish stereotypes or why he thought that throwing a stink bomb into the debate would help along a project he said he supported.

He defended himself yesterday - - a good summary here - -  but couldn't really explain why he introduced the religious issue into the hotel debate, and he failed to show that he really understood the power of the images he had conjured and repeated.

I wonder how many people on Hilton's team wondered aloud, "with friends like Belling, who needs enemies?"

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Anonymous said...

The only thing overrated is your beating of this dead horse Mr. Rowen.