Thursday, January 20, 2011

Conservation Plan On County Grounds Should Stay On Schedule

The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors Committee on Economic Development, meeting Monday, January 24th  at 9:00 AM, may grant a delay for the County's receipt of payments for County Grounds property in Wauwatosa where a business innovation center is to be constructed.

The privately-financed center, to be developed by the UWM Real Estate Foundation, would be tied to a new UWM School of Engineering also planned for location on the County Grounds - - a controversial effort overall because it will separate a college from UWM's East side Milwaukee campus and eat up open space on a large tract of publicly-held land in the County.

Fund-raising for the center is underway but has gone slowly; regrettably, that jeopardizes a Habitat Restoration Plan on the County Grounds that has been incorporated into the plan to broaden its acceptability and on which considerable volunteer time and effort has been expended.

If Supervisors grant the payment delay they need to solidify the financing commitment and budget for the Habitat Protection Plan to keep faith with conservationists who promoted the plan in the public interest.

This message of cooperation and commitment to the plan's key conservation component should be forwarded to members of the Economic Development Committee. Here is their contact information:

Johnny L. Thomas - 18th District    (414) 278-4259
John F. Weishan, Jr. - 16th District    (414) 278-4255
Peggy West - 12th District    (414) 278-4269
Willie Johnson, Jr. - 13th District    (414) 278-4233
Lynne De Bruin - 15th District    (414) 278-4263
Theodore Lipscomb - 1st District    (414) 278-4257
Nikiya Harris - 2nd District    (414) 278-4278

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