Thursday, January 20, 2011

Belling's "Jewish" Allegations And Most Leaders' Silence Equally Baffling

It's a mystery why WISN-AM 1130 afternoon talker Mark Belling chose to made an issue out of some Marriott Hotel opponents Jewish faith, and introduced into the discussion some pretty negative stereotypes.

Even a leading conservative blogger struggled to find logic in Belling's tactic.

It was further dumbfounding that he chose not to apologize. thus keeping the issue alive.

And as Tim Cuprisin notes in a column today posted at, Belling chose to bring it up Wednesday. Again. With more defensive justification.

This you can say with certainty as this ugly story plays out: Belling really wants to keep the discussion going.

Cuprisin's piece is as good an analysis of talk radio and Belling that you will find anywhere.

Also baffling, and I'd add, depressing: the silence from local civic organizations and The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board.

Except for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who expressed his outrage and asked Belling to apologize, opinion-makers and leaders have fled the scene.

These are the voices who should be telling the city and the larger audience that there are no Jewish-dominated cabals pulling strings behind closed doors in Milwaukee, as Belling suggested.

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