Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vermont: Where Corporations May Soon Be Denied Personhood

Remember that atrocious US Supreme Court decision that allowed corporations, as if they were people, to freely give their spending money to political candidates?

What was to be next: Corporations marrying, voting, worshiping a higher power (no Almighty dollar jokes, please)?

The good people of Vermont have had enough, and are beginning the process to dehumanize corporations.

Details, here.


Boxer said...

The next step coming would have been grant corporations the right to vote--the more money the corp has, the more votes! NOW we're talkin'!

Betsey said...

Do you think that giving a 'personhood' status to corporations was a stealth step on the part of anti-abortionists laying the foundation for a future argument that if corporations can achieve personhood, then why can't a fetus?

The original law was passed sometime in the late '70s or early '8os. It didn't make sense then -- or now. However, that's just about the time the anti-abortion movement really got going.

Something to think about . . . .